Thursday, January 20, 2011

Like Quicksand~

It's all came to me like a Monday sunshine,
where life is a little bit easier without the word "ho".
And I have to update this post to keep myself 'alive'.
Slithering like a serpent among the thickness of the hectic bush,
I got myself a time to scratch on this living journal.

This time,
nothing much to write about, just wanna share about my life here,
whereby our toil, livelihood and brains are needed.
Developing a 'word' that defines itself as growing by improving but falling first to test the pain.
It is enough to be used to tell what happens to us.
Maybe not to be the best in life but a nourishing remedy to improve our competencies.

FYI, I am:
Used to be like a lazy fat buck in the pen,
but now like an energetic bold ram inside the ewe barn.
Used to be like an old stallion pulling a 4-person-loaded cart,
but now like a newborn pony running freely on the purple guinea grass field.
Used to be like the withering paddy straw in stacks,
but now like a 45 days old juicy Napier grass.
Used to be like a sour green passion fruit,
but now like a reddish ripen jambu air waiting for customers to munch it.

Life is about changing and improving,
if you can't change your policy about living a normal life,
then please change your attitude to your acquaintances.
For you never know, they might be a shield to your sharpened knife,
or they might even be a turtle in your fish pond.
Don't wait until the red dirt turns into quicksand.
or else you'll sink like the quicksand!

Das ist alles, und Gute Natch!