Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saved by 'it'...

It's been a while now. But it felt just like yesterday,
I wrote in this living journal.
This drizzling night, it feels so real,
A calm ambience, promoting this empty mine to think more than just his past.

Yesterday evening, one day before December emerged,
I went out for a tea with mummy,
and I don't know her real intentions until she introduced me to her friends.
The funny thing was that, her friends who have daughters about my age.
They were like amazed and startled by the 'shocking' me.
I was bombarded by funny questions like, "U look extremely healthy, what u eat there?" and "U got darker, u sport a lot?" and "U like it there?" and so on... blax3...
Mum seems to be their head, and the only one with an available boy child, opening hot discussion topics with her friends, talking about their girly yesterdays and how they met their husbands.
Mum were enjoyed talking to her friends, and I'm enjoying the hot coffee until,
one of them point a killing question to me,
and it sounds like this:" You have a girlfriend Joe?"
Shy yet speechless me looked and mum,
and spontaneously she said:" My son will complete his study first before he can have relationship with any girls. He can, but only when I give the green light. "
One of them said:" Invite us if you gonna marry, and I'm wondering whose daughter will that be."
I smiled. And mum asked me:" U remember her daughter Joe? She's very pretty right now u know... She's slim and loves to dance..."
I smiled. And this time, that lady said," U should meet her, she wants to see you..."
And mum added," Yeah, I saw her already, she's adorable and polite. I think you two are great together." and blax3.....
Personally, I hate match-making, especially when I'm the one involved in it.
Faked smiles, and sitting still. I can't take it anymore and suddenly I told everyone,
"Oh, I forgot that I need to buy something."
"What is it Joe?"
"Ermm... Oh ya, JUS-MATE-5..." I controlled myself from bursting into laughs.
Luckily, none of these people knew what was I talking about except for mum, if not, public humiliation!
From far, I heard something like," U're son is drinking jus for health? Wow, that's excellent!"
I left the 'discussion congress women' on their round table and off downstairs, searching for my 'JUS-MATE-5'.
This 'JUS-MATE-5' was great and grand, and its been a year since I ever munch this delicious Cha Sao Pau.
Passerby were looking at me in an odd way. In their minds, "What's so great about that Pau anyway?"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rain and Bow

Looking into the uncertain yet mysterious sky,
A rainbow told me,
"Still remember the promises?"
The ambiance was silent and the evening sky was cloudy too.
Searching around for an oxygen breathing mask and I can't find any.
I can't breathe. The air is killing me.
Just like I can't speak. My words are killing me too.
Every truth that I speak distracts you away.
Time is an effective healer for the wounds I guess,
Or perhaps it is the poison that deteriorates our healths.
You're leaving, and I know it is easy for you.
You said dependence, is our biggest obstacle.
Even if there is no moon around it, the earth will still rotate and orbit at its position.
Just that it looses the beautiful nature satellite,
in which it depends on, to light up the gloomy night.
And if you're really leaving,
please don't destroy the pictures of memories that we took together,
and pretend that I already know the reasons why.

Last hamsty for this sem: :')

P/s: Maybe this is the last for hamster. Next time we breed something else. Wanna join me? :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Relax and think about it...

Recently I walked alone a lot, just to observe the world by myself.
It's not either that I isolate myself from other friends or they isolate me,
I just wanna be alone for a while, that's it.
I promised myself to go to the Pasar Tani on Thursday and finally I found a time for this.
Last Thursday, an ordinary weather,
I dragged my reluctant feet there.
From what I saw from my last visit before that,
It was totally merrier than before.
and I saw a lot of things.
Happy, tired, desiring, lonely, in-love and so on portrayed on the faces of people there.
Some of you must be thinking,
"Why the heck were you wasting your time there?
Go back and study, you think you're so clever is it?"
I just wanna tell, this is how I perceive people around me. I learn from what I see.

I saw a young girl was crying in the middle of that place,
I can't understand why, so did her parents.
They gave her a balloon, she didn't want it,
They gave a sausage stick, still she rejected it.
Her parents was furious,
They seemed to be coming from an educated family.
The way they dressed up showed their status as well.
The mother was mad at the poor kid, still wondering what's wrong with her.
She gave everything but the kid was still very stubborn, crying non-stop.
At the time when she almost lost her temper,
An old lady who sells the clothes around came,
she was and ordinary person who sells clothes, came and talked to the parents.
With their arrogance and self-regard attitude,
She said:"Eh, mak cik nak sibuk apa? Ni anak saya, tau la saya nak jaga..."
Old lady with her kelantanese slang:" Ye la anak mu, tapi dok nangis tu tak kesian ke?"
Disregard of that arrogant young woman, the old lady picked up the poor child.
The child stopped to cry.
And then she put her down, looking at the young woman
and said:"Anak mu ni penat asyik mu bawak jalan2, dia nak mu dukung dia..."
She turned around and walked away back to her stall, leaving the two speechless.

Usually Dr. Lee will ask me, "So Daniel, what is the moral value that you learned from today's trip?" but this time he's not around. I have to ask myself, laughing silently under the scorching hot sun.

Moral of the day:
Even though you are rich, clever and powerful, it doesn't mean that you know everything. So, don't ever think that, if you are superior in term of status and knowledge than the others, their advices are useless and their helps are worthless. You may need some of them some times. Instead of calling them, "penyibuk", "jaga tepi kain", "lan si", "bodoh" and so on, try la CERMIN DIRI you SENDIRI... If you are too good, people won't offer their advice and help to the PATHETIC you... If you still wont listen, only one beautiful word to describe you, BODOH SOMBONG!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

-What is it?-

The effects that it brings are menacing,
It can change a smile to a cry and vice versa.
Most of the time, it creates joy to us in its presence,
but, in its absence, we live in the LIFE of misery.

Most of people have it in them but it's hard for them to show it.
They fear other people will jealous and create havoc to snatch it away from them.
This is because, once you have it,
you'll feel like you're the king of the mountain,
the queen of the sea,
or even the winner amongst other warriors who fight for it.

That is when you have it,
but once you loose it,
you are despicable,
you are a looser and even worse,
many would choose to end their lives.
But is it worth? Can't you just find another one? is it replaceable?
and WHAT IS IT actually?

The answer lies in you~