Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It ends tonite...

Thought that my heart will be warmer
once I got back to Malaysia after a 3 months away from it.
But yes, my blood boiled too much and my head in pain.
I can't define the attitudes of some humans
who think they hold the virtue of a religion would do the pathetic thing to another human ever alive, worst than any land walking animals that ever alive.
But we cant judge the whole world through the actions of these idiotic faggots & buggers (sorry if the language is harsh).

At least when the whole world turns itself against you,
your family will stand behind you.
Daddy called and directly confirmed a flight ticket for me without any hesitation,
and advised me,
"You put your priority wrongly, works will always disappoint you when you're not fully prepared to fail it... But we, your family won't and always stand by you no matter how many times you turned us down... You weren't here during Gawai and I've listened too much about your works, and this time, we'll talk about family... Grandpa & Grandma want to see you during Raya... You'll be homed no matter what..." *talked in my ethnic slang*
I was touched and now I know where my fault is.
Thanks dad, your support is the best present ever in the history of my life.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

To the edge of glory...

Approaching the final chapter of the astronaut's jotter,
Life is kinda very busy, busier than ever.
But it's my choice and my duty to face it without any laments,
since I've promised myself.
Once I've sailed through this treacherous sea of works,
I'll be a free sea gull, witnessing other sailors make their ways through the storms for above.
Perhaps I can focus on the other things in my life,
and maybe things that I'd accidentally neglected.
Reviewing the previous chapters in my life,
I can see my flaws as a normal human being,
idly living my life without any sense of direction,
setting my priority to people who made me their last option.
Maybe it's time to repent,
becoming a more matured guy,
before going into the next step in life - a fully grown up adult.
Lots of apologizes, especially for
my hot & cold fondness, my near & far reasons,
to whom, my heart pounds for.

Final steps in Histopathology, Slicing & Staining, hopefully can finish all before stepping my feet back on the motherland. Happy that I almost completed my tasks, but will be aggrieved to leave this beautiful land of smiles. Never been so excited, since day one. Met lots of funny friendly friends and lecturers. Went illegally to some red zones (being warned by authorities from both PSU & UMK). Figured out my Thesis title, objectives and methods by myself within one week. Rushing proposal within 2 weeks. This experience makes me a more time efficient person, thanks for this opportunity guys. Well, it's 5 days countdown to the Season Finale. Tick-Tock!

To save the only one, you might have killed hundreds...

But it's worth if it makes you happy for the rest of your life...