Thursday, December 16, 2010

Out of the blue... in the morning...

It's been like almost half a year,
We are together but now,
My poor canon DSLR sleeps in his red insulated bag.
Remain untouched.
I glimpse at it once in a while but no intention to press his buttons.
Don't get me wrong, I love my "Camer", that's what I call it,
Just that time and conditions restricted me to do so.
I feel bad about it all the time.
I mean my gadgets are my life and they are my babies.
I did search on the net about new lenses, and eventually have some planning where my photo-life will go.
But then I guess this needs to wait for another while.
As I dug into my bags,
I saw two sketch books that I long forgotten.
One is for sketching systems or technologies that catch my eyes,
I did this so that I'll understand how they works, in terms of building my own theories about them.
Another one is for sketching miscellaneous things around me, for instance people, items and just anything that catch my eyes too.
But now the books are facing the same fate.
I just don't know why I'm always fail to manage my leisure life like other people.
I can't always do what I like the most. But then, I try to like the things that I'm doing now,
The paperwork, The plan, The personal research and not to forget, upcoming Industrial Training in another 2 days.
Wish me well all the time. Tata~

P/s: Wish all other FAsA frens and FKP seniors the best LI!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Because I can't always catch you when you fall...

A young boy and his father went to a playground.
It was a perfect Sunday where all parents will bring their children out.
As a father, it's his duty to spend at least a morning with his family.
The boy ran very fast and the father was catching up with him, gasping for air.
The naughty little toddler climbed up a tree. He felt so high up, and happy.
But, when he looked down to the ground, the earth was seemed to be too faraway.
His father saw that.
He said:" Son, jump down, I'll catch you, don worry."
The little one jump down and his father caught him.
It was fun. He climbed up the tree again and again.
The father caught him again and again... until...
The little boy felt to the ground. His left knee was bleeding, bursting into cries.
His father quickly fetched him up but he resisted and said,
"Dad, you lie to me, you say you will always catch me when I fall."
"Of course I will..."
"No you're not, you lie to me, I dun want to trust you anymore..."
"Good, you're a clever boy, you learn things fast."
His father picked him up and brought him to the nearest clinic to clean the wound.
They both then enjoyed chocolate ice-cream on their way back to home.

Moral of the story:
---- malas nak fikir dan menaip lagi---- Lu cari la sendiri jawapan dia----

My dad said that, what good about trust is that, It follows the money.

Archive: From web.

I want this to be my pet, the Leopard Gecko or

this one also can, the Borneo Short-tailed python...

ANYONE or BREEDERS who sell these things... Please contact me or PM me in FB thanks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I don't know you, but I want you,
All the more for that.
And words fall through me,
And always fool me,
And I can't react.
And game that never amount,
To more than they're meant,
Will play themselves out.
Take this 'sinking boat' and point it home,
We've still got time.
Raise your hopeful and faithful voice,
You had the choice,
You've made it now.
Falling slowly,
eyes that know me,
And I can't go back.
Moods that take me and erase me,
and I'm painted black.
Well, you've suffered enough,
And warred with yourself,
It's time that you won.
Sing your melody,
I'll sing along,
Call... and I'll sing along...
...but sorry if I sing a different song...

Life is not easy, just go with the flow, damn but actually I believe it,
Better to wear a shirt that suits you rather than the one you like,
for it won't fit your body most of the time, especially if you're plump. (It happens so many times to me, and now they're 'sleeping' in the closet or becoming a terrific present for people in which it suits...)
But still, it feels so different and wrong... why?