Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey-ho~ :)

Out from the grave, crawling like a newly hatched maggot, that's how it feels like.
After all this while, life was pathetically busy with things that are indescribable by words.
Sitting in my new room (technically few months already), I started to think about "What's Next" questions. Few months to go before I get a square hat on my head.
Well, for those with silver spoon in their mouth, nothing to worry about right? You're born to be lucky.
You'll get what you want, perhaps with a flick of fingers.
But for a jungle-dwelling person like me, as what the ignorant people would say to Sarawakians, I have to think much about life future planning. Opportunities knock a lot but I'm not ready yet to open the door.
The fear that everyone have especially when it's time to face the reality of adulthood and hardship. The biggest enemy - Myself - battles with every emotions that backing up the good possibilities that all these opportunities would give. I'm not ready. It may seem weird, but it's the fact which everyone in my situation is facing.

Move-on peeps.