Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Still breathing~

The chilling weather,
the cold gust,
and the freezing drizzles outside the hostel,
portraying what's inside someone's heart.
Dilemma, is his royal companion at the moment.
People are saying things around him but most of the time, he's not listening.
His attentions are thrown to somewhere over the vast sky.
Hundreds of advices he gets from friends,
but still, the decision is too hard to make.
Maybe not all problems will meet their solutions easily,
and not all love stories ended like those of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella's.
Love story?
Can this be a true fantasy?
Still, the love is there but yet undisturbed.
of people around us?
I will if I forget to wear my pants in the public.
the best reason to keep love at bay?
Maybe the best acceptable answer to all the questions in my head.

A sensible quote that you gave me:
We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token, I enjoy and appreciate my LIFE because of you love me .

Egoistic and demanding, that must be what others will think.
Maybe because we still believe that LIFE is too precious too be spoiled.
Maybe we still believe that the magic is still in the air,
or just maybe, many more...
Despite of all the good things that we believed in,
the time and the distance are killing...

Rabbits, Chickens, Birds and Fish, they are the loyal friends that keep silence no matter what I said.... :3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'll miss them, I think...

Last Thursday, I went to see my lecturer to settle my place to do my industrial training.
In fact, I'm one of the most choosy person in UMK can ever have.
All my friends easily accept their places which were being decided by faculty.
And I, due to my intentions of going back Sabah to see someone,
being stubborn and fight for the place that I chosen which is not approved by Dean.
I talked to my lecturer about my keen interest of involving into the field of marine and also forestry, either one and it is not possible since my course of study is totally diverge from those.
I kept myself silence and he gave me a list of Aquaculture company's list since I like fish as much as he does.
During that time, I was kinda not in the right mood and remained silence.

Then he said:"You know Daniel, why you need to make your life so difficult, just go la to the company that we choose for you and it is a good one."

I said:"But sir, that is not what I want..."

He said:"Life is like this, you cannot always go against the law, you should just go with the flow, it is like you choosing a girlfriend la, why you need to choose the one that is faraway and being troubled by her. Just choose a near one la, will make your life easier and happier than now what. Beautiful or not is the second thing to consider. Nowadays, girl before married to you they are willing to do anything but when you married to her, I think you are the one who's gonna cook, clean the baby's waste, wash the clothes and so on... "

Then, another lecturer who sat next to him answered:"Aik, macam ada experience aja.... "

The three of us burst into laughs and get carried away by things that life gives... I will miss this scenario during my LI later. I know I would, because there is no other people that willing to share funny things about life as open as they do...

A random pic for today~ We were in UTM semarak

We were here, we gonna miss this place where we first met... this is where we call UMK Pengkalan Chepa.... (this pic i took it from SA)
And the next time we meet, it'll be another whole new adventure a different place... and a whole new chapter in each history line of our lives...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mencintai tak semestinya memiliki...

It's been a while this post is empty.
Being busy a while, lots of things to do these days.
Being caved under pressure, and so on.
Scolded by my "boss" for some silly mistakes I made,
Being depised as "stupid" and so on...
In these processes, I showed my unprofessional self,
Lepas geram at friends and juniors who helped me a lot, and I know some of them must be very mad at me.
It's ok, I accept all your comments and dislikes about me,
I'm sorry for my misbehave, anyway I'm just a normal guy. I'll learn from all these.
Back to the topic
*nak guna BM la*

Dalam tak sedar, dah lebih daripada 2 tahun berada di Universiti,
kita masih lagi menunggu jawapan jujur dari hati masing2,
bila saja melihat rakan2 yg lain di FB mula menonjolkan hubungan mereka,
kadang2 terasa mcm cemburu dgn sifat toleransi yg ada pada mereka.
tetapi kita pula seakan-akan tiada kesefahaman,
pada bicara, katanya sayang, namun hakikat cuma di bibir sahaja.
jarak mungkin pemisah, namun kita tetap tidak berusaha utk mendekatkan hati...
kalau org lain boleh kenapa tidak kita?
bila masa aku perlukan kamu, kamu busy di duniamu.
x cukup waktukah sehingga 5 minit pun tiada utkku?
mungkin betul seperti yg orang kata mencintai mungkin x smestinya memiliki.

p/s: if u see this, pls call me... i cant contact ur numbr~

Friday, October 8, 2010

The whisper

Voices in my head,
please shut up,
for one moment I thought a friend called me by name,
I turned but no one at my back...

Voices in my head,
please slow down,
I can't even sleep,
While the night was so warm and the bed was so inviting...

Voices in my head,
please be polite,
help me than destroy me,
I need more positives than negatives to face my days...

Voices in my head,
When the time is right,
I'll tell everyone about you,
I'll show the whole world your whispering desires...

Above is a HDR picture, what is HDR? Btw, that pic i took from internet, just for show... :3