Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It feels like yesterday since the last post.
Well, time is indeed trying to become my enemy.
There's no much to say, as it is most likely my own failure to manage it.
But I guess I'm struggling with it, playing with this tug-of-war,
With no sign of giving up, never plan to fail myself anyway.
Never felt so "student" before because life was a lot easier but less challenging,
ironically, it wasn't at all.
Day-in-day-out, I'm getting older and older but during this fourth year,
the process seems to be accelerated, owing to the untimely sleep and diet habits.
Loosing weight might be the best satisfaction for almost everyone,
but for me, it's a sign that I'm undergoing an unhealthy lifestyle.
Gaining weight is not a hard task to me, however, it seems that my throat is not cooperating.
Am I that busy? No I'm not actually.
Just that I didn't allocate time properly.
Some people did accused me for being irresponsible due to some underestimated issues and less prioritized concerns.
If you're saying the same thing to the two-years-ago me, I'll drag you into some debates in which I'm pretty sure you'll never win it.
But this time, I'll bow 90 degree to you and take it in as an involuntary support.
I know I can't satisfy the whole world but at least make myself feel contented with the real blame.
I know my own size of shoes and your feet will not gonna fit in them anyway.
The most important thing is that, I'm happy with what I'm doing because I know, after I graduate, this feeling will be gone as sweet memories.