Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is short, enjoy it!

Ah... A sick and tired week,
All the exotic food and drinks inside my stomach are stirring for ways out.
Blame it to Thailand, since it is highly reckoned amongst the food paradises in the world.
Being a sudden celeb-alike in PSU is not a great experience as well when people all around the corner, hidden and seen, shrieking for your name.
I know I'm a rare species from Malaysia but that's doesn't mean I'm giving my numbers to you to easily ask me out for a drink.
Moreover, in disease parasite lab, during reagent preparation, I accidentally stained my hand with a permanent stain killed my emotions solemnly.
But I admit, life was easy before that and we, enjoyed it.
My head of department, Arjan Saweit promised to take me around southern Thai for a break free. But then, due to unavoidable reasons (as expected) he can't but then, my research partner, Yum and a colleague, Big did. It was a remarkable visit, giving us another insight into the culture and the beauty of southern Thai. But first, the research site of sakom for the sampling of Holothuria sp.

PSU Marine hatchery research centre, Sakom.

Sakom beach

Sakom currently is the site for breeding of sea turtle, slipper lobster, swimming crab and other marines.

My research partner is currently working out on a drink based on seaweed,
I had a stomachache after I took one of these...

Then we went to Monkey's fun boat, these creatures are ferociously cute.

Tang Kuan Hill, met a lot of Malaysians here.

My friends & colleagues at the Great Serpent "Nag".

Fascinated by the beautiful underwater world in Songkhla Aquarium.

Mysterious Cat & Rat Statue, at Kok Mew Kok Nu island.

A flaring afternoon on Samila Beach

Hat Yai, Shopping paradise,
(please bring a Thai friend to help you to kill the price at the cheapest rate a human can get or else, burn a hole in your pocket)

Floating market of Hat Yai, full of human, on boats and on shore.

Trying the exotic insecta snacks, entomologists hate us for this.

Time constraints and we need to be back to Pattani before dusk. Before that, we managed to round a trip in PSU, Hat Yai campus before homed.

Life seems to be resumed from the pause and I'm back to work, this week, Water Quality, Chemical Reagents & Staining Methods. Next Monday, Parasitology, whereas the real pain in the ***. I need to spend 2 weeks in hatchery then after that another 2 weeks in Histopathology lab before I can take a deep breath. Then around 2 weeks, going to do axenic media culture for parasite before going to data analysis and finally FYP presentation. I've told my supervisor in M'sia, fearing that I might be unable to finish on time. And he said, "Don't worry, have fun!".
Other people will think that we are brainiest but no, we're not. Yeah, we're just having fun!
This Saturday? Going Where? Wait in the next entry.

Ast. Danno PSU, 2011.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angel's cry.

The wind whispers,
"She's scared and lonely.
She always listens to her broken heart."
Please safe her, before she falls apart.
The mirror captures every moment when the eyes drizzle.
She can't fathom a broken relationship.
Blame it on her imperfect other half,
He's not always there for her,
Not because of he won't, but he can't.
Distance kills almost anything that try to contact with it.
She drowns herself in the tears of formalin,
while he drugs himself with the carcinogenic workloads and the anesthetic 'holiday'.
Some people said, goodbye is the best way to pronounce love.
A full stop means a new beginning.
One day, she'll forget this broken Angel,
She will,
Although it's already been years.

Cry, it works, believe me. But stop, once you're relieved.

Tried but can't.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last week~

Hello peeps,
Ah, long time didn't write in.
Kinda busy with my research project and at the same time, enjoyed.
Nothing particular to be shared about my astronaut life here,
just that, I really enjoy the studying ambience here.
J.F.Kennedy library, Pra Mong Disease and Parasite lab, Hatchery, Lan pedu, are my studying spots. I tried my best to communicate in Thai and I think I'm making something out of it.
What? A Thai girlfriend?
No, no time for that, I keep myself from falling in and out of love.
Make a distance.
Coz once you turn in, you'll never come back.
I grab tight my reason coming to this whole new world; FYP.
But seriously, your knees will shatter when you see one... Damn...
Forget it....

Last week Synopsis:

The central masjid of Pattani

Big C mall

Sai Khao waterfall national park

Catwalk Beach (ignore the belly part)

Actually, we already planned to go to another province (Hat Yai) next week, but then due to an unavoidable reason and the conflict aroused from previous trips, we postponed it to another 10 days and this time in a legal way, with Arjan Saweit's supervision. PSU feared and worried about our safety if we go alone.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Another story in PSU....

The paper is bleeding in red...
Don't worry, nobody is loosing his blood.
Just received back the papers that I sent to Arjan Yew to check about fresh water ornamental fish, parasitology, histopathology, water quality measurement and medicinal herbs in Asia.
To my surpirse, it is filled with red inks and I like it.
At least I know what is wrong with me!
Compared to my original university,
The paper will be as clean as the first time you submit it.
No proper corrections are made by the lecturers but marks are deducted at the end of the day. And those-who-think-they-are-smart are very happy with it.

Talking bout how strict academic here is,
every semester, there will be a threshold for their CGPA. for first semester, i think they need to achieve at least 2.50 and above. The marks' threshold will be increased until a certain limit. Those who can't achieve it, will need to say good bye to the others, just like Mentor 5. And at the end, only those who really deserved it will graduate and get a good job (which is only 11 of 18 will graduate this year from my department, Ek Pra Mong - Fishery Technology.)
Talking about eligibility, they are indeed very2 good. Congratulation to those who excelled in your Viva, final year project presentation, and for those who still couldn't pass it, stay strong.
Their determinations seriously strike my enthusiasm to achieve excellency. It's been long that I haven't fell this way since matriculation.
This is what I call learning, enough of those cheap tips during exams, enough of those attempts to strive illegally in it as well, bring out your true potential so that nobody will despise you.

At Vannamei Pond, harvesting and grading of the shrimps.

Thanks to the EK Ka SeK students for cooking the best Vannamei Meal ever.
Ast. Danno 2011
Disclaimer: There is NO GOAT's pic here as well.