Friday, April 22, 2011

That Drowning Angel

The night is blinking his starry eyes.
It is too dark to depict the days after tomorrow.
A group of drowning people are screaming their lungs out,
Wishing on the lucky stars to save their lives.
Since when did she crawl in between these people?
She spills out her sadness, chanting her agonies.
But the tears are dissolving inside the sea of sorrow in which she's in right now.
Struggling, but it makes her to sink even deeper.
She wants to breathe, it's painful there.
Could it be much better if she can look forward future?
Even if she turns everything around to be her enemies,
It's already too late.
She thought that she is strong, stronger than anyone else,
But tonight, she's all alone and frightened by the things that she lacks of.
It started to rain, lulling her into a slumber that she'll never get awake again.

"Mom! Gina drowns the rabbit that you bought inside the bathtub with her other toys!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Electrocuted by Election

The momentum of SPR is shaking the state of Hornbill.
Raged fanatics of government and opposition parties alike,
Chanting their vows of winning security,
Roaring their pledges of loyalty,
Devastating the beautiful meaning of democracy.

And I,
Standing on the forked road,
Gazing as far as I could through the roads, until they bench.
They're equally promising, contributing to a better future.
There're two choices to be made,
Measure your greediness in a weighing scale,
or rise your covetousness in a red rocket,
Pick blue and they''ll say you're not dreaming high,
Pick red and they'll say you're not being equitable.

Oh dear,
Regardless of which side you're on and whoever your political idols are,
please be mature in terms of actions and languages.
Don't leak your childishness to the public.
You may not know, other people are being ashamed of you,
for having someone like you in the society,
we won't feel the word DEVELOPMENT in Sarawak.

p/s: Selamat Mengundi...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another guy...

There was one guy.
He was your lucky star, and he was your prince charming too.
That guy was your life.
You followed him like a shadow, loved him wholeheartedly.
You cried as you laughed when he was with you.
He was your angel and even devil too.
He made you his stooge and you knew,
but you kept silent.
Your heart was filled with scars and blisters.
And there were too many things in it,
that you can't even tell your best buddy.

And there is another guy,
He gazes at you from far away,
Whenever he takes one step closer,
You take 2 steps back.
He gives you smiles,
But he gets neglection.
He looks like a love beggar.
And you notice his desire,
But you turn away heartlessly.
He is a grumpy guy so he learns to be friendly.
And every weekends,
He sends you your favorite chocolates,
But will you love him back if he continues this way?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flowers and Insect

"You're so mesmerizing,
colored with cunning orange, devilish red, snobbish yellow and deceiving purple.
Your smells are so attractive,
killing all the male bugs who fall into your stunning fragrance of death.
Your buds and petals are so pretty,
containing poisons that stop the loving heart from beating.
They said, be afraid.
You're a living monster, not as timid as you looked like.
They said, be aware.
You're a death angel, not as pure as white bride you may seemed."

Here come a post-morphed butterfly, astonishing patterns on his wings,
elegant tiny 6 legs he has, and unique long antennae on his forehead too.
Animal planet is totally reverse in human sense.
New to this treacherous world,
Little knowledge about life,
He stops on one of these beautiful flowers.
Drains the venomous sweet nectar.
Clings on the curly poison ivy.
Dances in the fatal spores.
Yet it's worth, according to him.
Slowly resting his wings on the petals,
closing his millions eyes in vain.

One more poor creature fall into their death grips,
Smiling away in the wind, they seek for another victim...