Friday, April 30, 2010


Ever since I take in things positively,
it's been manifesting my thoughts,
the more I try to resist, the more it shows...
At first I thought it was a guardian angel,
what do angels do? healing and bring good things rite?
until one day, the angel i thought it is, becoming over and out of control,
I see the ugly reality,
I see the disapointing fantasy,
I see the haunting past,
but I see as well the uncertain future...
befriended with Dark since the day at the beach...

I thought Dark was a friend,
He fills my life with the truth I love to listen, no more childish thoughts in my head,
and I dun even know how to make people laugh, or even can hardly smile even i tried to,
Dark shows up when the gloomy nite falls,
Telling me what to do next if Im at the crossroads...
"You are far better than this and what are you doing in a place like this?"
Isolation, Hatred and Selfishness sometimes come as one...
That was not me at all,
he accompanies me under the sickly moonlight showering the dying earth,
he tells me not to be weaklings because I'm born to be different...

During first few days of the studyweek,
life was just great, good dreams from 4pm - 7pm,
I was so healthy that I forgot about Dark...
Maybe he's mad at me,
just a few days ago, I saw him again,
and I do realize something,
he can only show up when Im sad, mad or unsatisfied,
and this time different outfit,
the robe was ferocious black, he has it long...
His used to be feathered wings are now becoming mantle with smaller wing-like projection,
He looks different, and very different until I don't even know who he is... evil,
now, if he shows, Im in pain,
my head burns, my lungs screaming for air,
not long, then, he'll disappear... and he can do other things,
He can now take over my body,
slip into me when Im emotionally down,
manifest my body into his control...
scary rite? hahahaha~ funny it is...
my roomates are facing the worst nightmares,
sometimes they'll see me in weird condition,
or sometimes are having extreme heart-hurting words from me... funny~ seriously...
Now Im taking medicines, im fine ok... just need some more rest,
cos im extremely tired, preparing the battle with Dark...
till now, im still looking for the leash for this dog,
as saying goes,
once you kill a cow, you need to make a burger...
once you raise ur sword, someone has to die on it...

or maybe the answer is in me,
if i want to end him, mybe i need to end myself as well....

p/s: dont understand? just let it be.... :3


  1. tido yg secukupnya
    dan fokus on ur exam
    lupekan semua masalah yg manganggu anda

  2. thx kak miza, all the best to you too~ hepi holiday~