Monday, May 3, 2010

-What a wonderful world-

Instead of looking for the differences that make us better than the others,
why don't we look for the similarities we all have,
we share the beautiful moon-lite at nite,
we share the beautiful deep-blue-velvet-carpet-like sky together,
and we walk on the same green-red earth...
I think thats matter...

Regardless of how good you are in your academics,
it doesn't really show yourself that much,
but what shows is that how the way people perceived you from they way you treated them,
doesn't mean you are the head of everything,
makes all your decisions correct,
sometimes, even the road-sweeper can think better than you,
even the dumb will talk better words,
just that, u need to give them the chances to project themselves,
instead of saying NO to all other opinions,
take a deep breath and listen to others,
maybe sounds incorrect to you but at least u listen,
you know, LISTEN to what they said...

In this life,
I met a lot of good people and brilliant they are,
all are topscorers and stars of the class,
my secondary school was the most competitive one,
even the 10th position and the 1st position will not make much differences in marks,
all are above the average of A,
I miss them much...
and now they all pursuing their own dreams...
guess what, I'm proud to be their friend.

Landed on the other side of the earth,
I found out that people are different,
competition is always the priority,
their joy will be how stupid their opponents are,
hillarious but ironic,
we want people to be stupid,
if they are, then who will be the one who guides us when we are stupid?

Think at the bright side,
we can enjoy the fruits of joy together after all our hardworks together,
since the orchard of success is not a self-owned territory,
don't you think it is sweeter?

What a wonderful world we have,
we have expert,
we have followers,
we have opinions givers,
we have quitters,
we have lovers,
we have killers,
we have Lady Gaga,
and we have some more...

What I want to tell here,
is that, don't just judge a magazine by its hot cover,
instead, go through the tabloids first before you trust the gossips,
people are different,
their way of thinking are different too,
don't think that all people will go toward your direction if you pointed them to,
don't think that I'm a feelingless robot too,
because not all roses are red,
and not all candies are sweet...

My favourite quote:

"I understand your circurmstances, but SOMEPEOPLE just don't!!!"
by Dr. Lee

P/s: Happy hoildays to all...


  1. Wow! Terdiam along baca. Yg penting, kata2 Joe pada entry ni dah cukup n lengkap mggambarkan perangai manusia zaman sekarang. happy holiday too!

  2. yea... just x faham perangai certain org... pangkat tinggi, educated and respected tp angkuh... myb success in academic wont make us a better human anyway... 6th of MAy, my holiday gonna start.... XD

  3. Today is 6th May! hehe.. balik sarawak ke??? nk kek sarawak.. ;p ...

  4. "Menjadi seorang pendengar" mengajar kita untuk memahami.

    "Memahami" mendorong kita untuk berfikir dari pelbagai sudut sama ada positif ataupun negatif.

    Seorang pendengar lahir dari didikan ibu yang pernah mengajar anak erti menghormati orang tua.

    Dalam menghormati orang tua khususnya patuh dengan arahan, disitu kita akan 'mendengar' sama ada menerima nasihat atau menerima asuhan.

    Maka, sikap "mendengar" akan terbawa-bawa sehingga pandai berfikir dan mampu memanfaatkan setiap ilmu yang di'dengar' oleh nya.

    Kesimpulannya, dragonball ada 7 biji semuanya...