Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Because I can't always catch you when you fall...

A young boy and his father went to a playground.
It was a perfect Sunday where all parents will bring their children out.
As a father, it's his duty to spend at least a morning with his family.
The boy ran very fast and the father was catching up with him, gasping for air.
The naughty little toddler climbed up a tree. He felt so high up, and happy.
But, when he looked down to the ground, the earth was seemed to be too faraway.
His father saw that.
He said:" Son, jump down, I'll catch you, don worry."
The little one jump down and his father caught him.
It was fun. He climbed up the tree again and again.
The father caught him again and again... until...
The little boy felt to the ground. His left knee was bleeding, bursting into cries.
His father quickly fetched him up but he resisted and said,
"Dad, you lie to me, you say you will always catch me when I fall."
"Of course I will..."
"No you're not, you lie to me, I dun want to trust you anymore..."
"Good, you're a clever boy, you learn things fast."
His father picked him up and brought him to the nearest clinic to clean the wound.
They both then enjoyed chocolate ice-cream on their way back to home.

Moral of the story:
---- malas nak fikir dan menaip lagi---- Lu cari la sendiri jawapan dia----

My dad said that, what good about trust is that, It follows the money.

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I want this to be my pet, the Leopard Gecko or

this one also can, the Borneo Short-tailed python...

ANYONE or BREEDERS who sell these things... Please contact me or PM me in FB thanks.


  1. Gecko tu mahal kan sekarang? Berapa gram tu? gecko 350g dah harga RM100k. money2..


  2. i ada dengar juga cerita ttg benda ni bole cecah juta la indah... i ada cari kat KL harga dlm RM75 seekor, x beli sbb terlalu kecil, benda ni sensitif skit, senang mampus...