Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In the previous days, opened FB or any virtual media,
all posting about "Bersih 2.0".
That really showed how pathetic Malaysians, polices and our government too.
In the end what we get?
A broken leg, an almost dead of epilepsy and finally discredit to Malaysia in the eyes of the world.
I personally think, going against polluted government is a good thing, we must protect our rights but maybe rally is not the way. Think of something else people. Be mature please.
Some of them may say, "We're just walking peacefully from station A to station B, we did nothing".
Can't you see the problem?
Walking peacefully from station A to station B? That's bullshit, you're blocking the traffics, scaring tourists away, you know. Effects? Think about it yourself.
Here is the advice from me,
Before you think about that fair election or the lack of integrity ,
please be fair in your real life first,
for example, Don't CHEAT in CLASS!!!

P/s: I'm a supporter of Bersih 2.0 but in my own way. TQ.

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