Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wake up at 6am, sleep at 2am, my routine is just too 'healthy' for someone like me.
Walk like a drunk, hit my head and kiss the wall.
I don't really like research in the first place, it's tedious, tired and quantitative (the data).
But after much experience and hands on, it actually thrills.
You'll find different possibilities between rights or wrongs.
I enjoy it much, guide by PSU Fish Pathologist, Dr. Yew, it's fun!
Furthermore, friends and colleagues who help much, UMKs, UMTs and PSUs, my deepest gratitude.
I guess that's why some people choose to be a lecturer although his/her teaching skill is sucks.
Can't update much though,
This week is the most critical week in my FYP.
So long, peeps.

Last week didn't do anything~ resting, revitalize my strength... :)

Ast. Danno PSU,2011

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