Friday, August 21, 2009

Racial unity is not a myth in Malaysia (adapted from KAMI group discussion)

Malaysia is a country derived from more than 50 races starting from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus and the list goes on. She is known for her multi-racial people and diversified cultures which attract the tourists from all over the world. However, the racial problem is still an issue in Malaysia. It is just like time bomb that will explode at any moment. Malaysia was freed from colonial armies of British in 1957, one of the reasons she was declared independent was due to the promised of our late ‘Father of independence’ to the ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth II. His assurance to unite the multi-racial community and developing a unique country by the power of these people solely had convinced the queen. Stepping into this new millennium, the racial unity is still a sore in our nation. Why is that so? Actually what aspect did this problem arise from?

Some words we need to carefully saying it. A little misunderstanding and provocation will lead to the destruction of Malaysian unity. This kind of issue usually involves the racial issue. We Malaysian must understand other races and their needs as well as norms. We must try to put our own feet into their shoes and respect their way of living. Living in this treacherous world, the things that we achieved now may be not sufficient for our future. We need to work hard and try to get out from the comfort zone, striking for persistent success. In government offices, schools and any relevant areas, there are some quotas that we need to accept and understand. For example, the quota for scholar holders for JPA scholarship is 10% East Malaysian students, 10% Genius, 10% Malay and the 70% will be any students from Malaysia. After the 51 years of independence, Malaysian government is still hijacked by this quota issue. It is something that we need to respect as it was introduced by the leaders of pre independence period. In this agreement, Malay has their special rights as the local inhabitant; they also have more priority in working field and so on. As a youth born in new era, I do have realized the bias in Malaysian government. Maybe because of the special rights being given to them, Malays usually preoccupied in their comfort zone but as for the Chinese and Indians, they have to work very hard to live a better life. This will surely increase their survival index in the industries because they are more efficient in their works. In my point of view, this is why other races can strive well in their living compare to Malay although their number is the highest for Malaysian community. Malay people sorry to say feel comfortable with their rights and quotas. They most likely to be less striving and improving in most of the area them involved in. As saying goes, people will forget their roots when they living in their comfort zone. I believe that one day this quota will be obliterated from our government institution but gradually to prevent detestation from certain parties.

Racial unity is not a myth in our country. This is because as the future leaders, the new generation must sieve the foul information that can brain-wash them. They must believe in the truth that was spoken by Tunku Abdul Rahman, “Youth of Malaysia, the rising and falling of Malaysian star is depending on you solely, together we make Malaysia a better home to live.” To fulfill the words, the racial unity must be there, the youth of Malaysia must think carefully before they take action as every move they made is count. By taking the dark event of September as an alibi to fortify our racial unity, we must never forget our history and hence the subject “Civil Awareness” is taught in every primary school in Malaysia. In the matter of fact, education seems to be the best way to curb the problem arose from racial issue. The latest proposal from our prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, schools in Malaysia will be synchronized into teaching the same lesson and most of them in ‘ Bahasa Ibunda ‘ or Malay language. This is a virtual way to nurture the racial unity among Malaysian, rather than providing vernacular schools that sometimes deviate from the supposed objectives. I believe Universities are the places where the racial unity can be toughen. A University is a place where the students are collected from all over Malaysia. Since the students are more mature, their mindset can differentiate what is correct and wrong on their own. This is the best time to touch the racial issue so that every student can open their mind to accept the reality about Malaysia if they really love this country. Time to expose the youth about this issue will come one day and they must prepare themselves before something worse happens. So, University students will defy the foul messages that they heard from other parties and analyze the information taken before making the right decision. Actually, every race wants the best for their country but their intentions are embedded with their own perspectives that maybe clash with each others. It is the job of the new generation to take notion from each other to build a stronger basis for Malaysia by combining the brilliant idea of different races in this country. When the day comes, we will think as one Malaysia but not as single race. The racial issue will not be any problem and becomes the myth to the new generation. I am sure that day will come but uncertain whether survive to witness the historic event.

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