Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Science is nuts?

I would like to say science is a field that is crazily learned by people to disobey their normal nature. This is obviously because most of the people who choose science as their field of study are nuts. For instance, a doctor who suppose to cure his patient will cut a hole on his patient's body which is hurting him in the first place. There are some other nutty reasons too:

1) In the anatomy class, the lecturer was giving the SBH students a quiz. The students are required to draw the female reproducting system as complete as possible. A girl was scared because she hasn't prepare anything for the quiz and look down in despair.
Suddenly, one of the nutty SBH boy shouted : "Prof, She's cheating!"

2) During the chemistry class, a proton and a neutron were sitting at the back.
Neutron :" What happens to you bud, you look like a jackass?"
Proton : " I just got dumped by my electron girlfriends yesterday.."
Neutron :" You sure you are ok? Don't take drugs to release your charges though.. or else you become like me.."
Proton :" I'm fine, I'm positive!"

3) Two SBH boys were talking about their future career.
Ronny: " I wanted to be a highly respected goat Professor.. so that my mum will be proud of me.."
Donny: " I wanted to be a forensic policeman, I gotta find the 'bold guy' who spitts in my mum when my father wasn't at home!"

4) A nutty young couple from SBH chosen Africa to be their honeymoon destination. They stayed in a hotel which was at the moment a sexual criminal staying next to their room. The couple was about to enjoy their first night when the wive asked her husband to buy a condom. The husband put on his clothes and quickly went out to search for the condom, leaving the room dark and the door unlock. He went into a shop which sells condoms as follow:
- black 20 cent
- blue 30 cent
- white 1 dollar

However, the husband forgot to bring his wallet and luckily there is a twenty cent in his pocket. Meanwhile, in the hotel, the criminal sneaked into the room and....

The husband came back put on his new bought thing and start doing some actions. The wive felt very weird because her husband was still energetic to do it again after the first run. Well, she doesn't care, in fact, enjoying it to have such horse-powered husband, she thought.

Nine months later, the couple was having a cute African-looked baby. The wive wondered why their child doesn't resembled his father.

Then, the husband said :" Luckily I lacked of another 10 cent, if not our baby would have turned blue!"

5) SBH students were having their class in BK5 at night. There was a rumour saying that there was a ghost living there. After the class, everybody will as fast as they could to get into room, except for a girl. She finished her biometry works then she will return room. The ghost came out from her hidding in order to scare the left alone girl.
Ghost said:" Hey little girl, look at me... I'm legless... I'm legless.... woooooo..."
The girl frustatingly striped off her clothes and said: " oh hey, ghost missy... look at me... I'm boobless... I'm boobless...."

6) A hen breed by SBH students is laying its eggs. Then, it says: "Can you let me rest for a while, I'm EGGS-hausted!"

7) A little boy asked his brother, a SBH student a question but he asked him to ask their mum because he is busy with assignments.

Little boy said: " Mom, what is sex actually?"

Mom: " Oh honey, you are too small to understand it..."

Little boy: " But mom, It is important..."

Mom: " Ok then, it is like this...*bla..bla*..bla*...and I love it when your dad does the 69 stuff...."

The boy cried, then the mum asked:" Honey whats wrong?"

Little boy: " the teacher asked me to fill the form and I dunno what is my sex and it is too long as you described..."

The mother fainted on the spot.

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