Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smile of a minoriti : Sweet but is it meaningful?

Just a mere smile can please a sore heart. We only measure smiles from who they are from. If it is a smile from our superior, we reply it in a hypocrite way, just to make sure that we can get their attention and yet some benefits. But is it meaningful? It is actually depending on the individual’s perception. I would say some people can smile with a sweet notion and melt a frozen solid heart. Sweet and remarkable smiles are the perfect cure to any menacing predicament. A smile accompanied by the lips of an angel is the most valuable thing I would love to receive. Nowadays, it is damn hard to find a meaningful smile from just anybody. Every smile we put embedded with lust, envy and maybe anger.

Living in a new environment, a Joe has forgotten his value of smile. He was a cheerful guy with a smile on his face. Any encounter will be rewarded with his relaxing smile, neither friends nor foes. He was the center of girls’ attention and all people around him. That ‘was’ him…

Adaptation to a new living is hard core important. Indeed, the Joe changed a lot but unsure whether to the positive side or the negative side. His most important virtue is now everyone’s virtue: money and wealth. He changed and really has changed. The long valued asset is now dispersed in the deep ocean of materialistic. He smiled no more. He laughed no more. He is still the attention of the public with his intelligence but now not the crowd who enjoyed his angel face. They crowd him for his mind, they crowd him for benefits and they crowd him because they know he is a part of them too.

The Joe changed a lot… But how can this be? How can a joyful kind of guy drastically change his motto of life? It was all started in a fine Sunday morning. The Joe just arrived to a place he never went before. The culture is different, the people are different and the food is different too… It’s OK, he can easily adapt to it, he thought. He walked down the street with his heavy luggage to find his direction to his new study area. A girl passed by. The Joe tried to ask for direction, he smiled like a newborn baby but being ignored. The girl showed an expressionless face. Wondering if there is anything this wacko guy wanted from her… Oh yea… the direction… where is it my charming lady? She said there is no such thing as a free lunch; even to pee we need to pay as well though. He paused and got the notion there at that moment. People are no longer needing his curing yet relaxing smile but the “valuable paper” or money instead. From that day on, he changed and changed and changed! There is no longer Mr. nice guy from him… All nice to him would be MONEY!

Think carefully my people, before you smile at people... U may never know wat they want in return..... Hehehehe...... *Mr. Joe Smirks*

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