Thursday, February 11, 2010

We still have a dream...

Accept It....

Sometimes you dunno,
Where you supposed to go,
deep in side if you follow your heart,
you can hardly get it wrong...
Even after a broken relation,
It won't make your journey ends in front of you...
So stand up and be brave,
Hold on and fight it since it begun,
Don't give up that fast.
Remember that, you are not alone,
Even you always think you are,
That's wrong and wrong and wrong...
People are kind,
you're friends and family love you more than I does,
I am who I am,
Doing things in my way,
Maybe fail a lot,
But who am I to argue with success?
You do it yourway and I'm with mine,
Maybe the road not taken shines before me as well as your road to you,
We make it so hard to make a dream comes true,
But it will, eventually, one day...... taking much of your time,
Looser, a quiter never wins,
that's what you believed,
Running from responsibilities,
that's what you tagged I am,
The one you used to know is gone,
But chill~ ok...
we cant always get what we want.
Sorry to drag you into this but......
There's nothing else I can say...

Recent Archive:

Friends, they are indeed the best potion to all sickness,
Sitting under the hot blazing sun at noon just to chill you up,
They share the golden dusk with you,
Mending your broken heart with happy boys thingy,
Sure will get well very soon...

Studies and works,
can as well be an effective option,
make yourself busy,
leave your thoughts to hard core questions and decisions,
Let the time heals your wound in his petty pace...

*the models in the pics, hopefully you doesnt mine i put ur pics here...

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