Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rain and Bow

Looking into the uncertain yet mysterious sky,
A rainbow told me,
"Still remember the promises?"
The ambiance was silent and the evening sky was cloudy too.
Searching around for an oxygen breathing mask and I can't find any.
I can't breathe. The air is killing me.
Just like I can't speak. My words are killing me too.
Every truth that I speak distracts you away.
Time is an effective healer for the wounds I guess,
Or perhaps it is the poison that deteriorates our healths.
You're leaving, and I know it is easy for you.
You said dependence, is our biggest obstacle.
Even if there is no moon around it, the earth will still rotate and orbit at its position.
Just that it looses the beautiful nature satellite,
in which it depends on, to light up the gloomy night.
And if you're really leaving,
please don't destroy the pictures of memories that we took together,
and pretend that I already know the reasons why.

Last hamsty for this sem: :')

P/s: Maybe this is the last for hamster. Next time we breed something else. Wanna join me? :)

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  1. those hamsties r super duper cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee...wat next to breed? dont tell me u r going to breed ular..haha