Wednesday, November 3, 2010

-What is it?-

The effects that it brings are menacing,
It can change a smile to a cry and vice versa.
Most of the time, it creates joy to us in its presence,
but, in its absence, we live in the LIFE of misery.

Most of people have it in them but it's hard for them to show it.
They fear other people will jealous and create havoc to snatch it away from them.
This is because, once you have it,
you'll feel like you're the king of the mountain,
the queen of the sea,
or even the winner amongst other warriors who fight for it.

That is when you have it,
but once you loose it,
you are despicable,
you are a looser and even worse,
many would choose to end their lives.
But is it worth? Can't you just find another one? is it replaceable?
and WHAT IS IT actually?

The answer lies in you~

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