Friday, November 5, 2010

Relax and think about it...

Recently I walked alone a lot, just to observe the world by myself.
It's not either that I isolate myself from other friends or they isolate me,
I just wanna be alone for a while, that's it.
I promised myself to go to the Pasar Tani on Thursday and finally I found a time for this.
Last Thursday, an ordinary weather,
I dragged my reluctant feet there.
From what I saw from my last visit before that,
It was totally merrier than before.
and I saw a lot of things.
Happy, tired, desiring, lonely, in-love and so on portrayed on the faces of people there.
Some of you must be thinking,
"Why the heck were you wasting your time there?
Go back and study, you think you're so clever is it?"
I just wanna tell, this is how I perceive people around me. I learn from what I see.

I saw a young girl was crying in the middle of that place,
I can't understand why, so did her parents.
They gave her a balloon, she didn't want it,
They gave a sausage stick, still she rejected it.
Her parents was furious,
They seemed to be coming from an educated family.
The way they dressed up showed their status as well.
The mother was mad at the poor kid, still wondering what's wrong with her.
She gave everything but the kid was still very stubborn, crying non-stop.
At the time when she almost lost her temper,
An old lady who sells the clothes around came,
she was and ordinary person who sells clothes, came and talked to the parents.
With their arrogance and self-regard attitude,
She said:"Eh, mak cik nak sibuk apa? Ni anak saya, tau la saya nak jaga..."
Old lady with her kelantanese slang:" Ye la anak mu, tapi dok nangis tu tak kesian ke?"
Disregard of that arrogant young woman, the old lady picked up the poor child.
The child stopped to cry.
And then she put her down, looking at the young woman
and said:"Anak mu ni penat asyik mu bawak jalan2, dia nak mu dukung dia..."
She turned around and walked away back to her stall, leaving the two speechless.

Usually Dr. Lee will ask me, "So Daniel, what is the moral value that you learned from today's trip?" but this time he's not around. I have to ask myself, laughing silently under the scorching hot sun.

Moral of the day:
Even though you are rich, clever and powerful, it doesn't mean that you know everything. So, don't ever think that, if you are superior in term of status and knowledge than the others, their advices are useless and their helps are worthless. You may need some of them some times. Instead of calling them, "penyibuk", "jaga tepi kain", "lan si", "bodoh" and so on, try la CERMIN DIRI you SENDIRI... If you are too good, people won't offer their advice and help to the PATHETIC you... If you still wont listen, only one beautiful word to describe you, BODOH SOMBONG!

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