Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dunno what else I can do to break this wall...

It's been a while I havent 'paint' any colors in this blog.
Please accept my apology for that.
Not much to talk about, just some sensible expressions that I want to share.
People always see me calm and relax,
But none realize how scared I am facing my daily life.
I'm just a normal human with fears in my heart, and sorry, I'm not a superhero.
I understand that feelings a lot.
Talking in front of thousands of people may seem easy for a politician,
but not to some of us. I'm scared too, just like you.
I'm scared of making ugly mistakes in front of these people.
But until when we need to be shadowed by others?
Why can't we break this monotony?
If now is not the right time, tell me when?
I'm not that kind of person that forces people to do things.
I 'killed' my hamsters just because of all of you.
I 'drowned' my fish just to keep all of you out of trouble.
I 'scratched' my own face just to keep yours clean.
Much that I've sacrificed, treasures of my life that I gave up just to make all of you to feel better,
and only 5 minutes of your time that I asked, none is willing to give.
Is it too long to ask?
Will it make your life shorter?
I know, the answers are SCARED, FEARED, WORRIED, and so on.
I took the humiliation, blame and depise alone, unshared, you guys even cared? All you can see is just a dull yet tired Daniel. And still, I kept it to myself.
But when I wanna share something good just to make you someone better, directly you said no.
There is no point of being a top scorer if you cant show your capability. or maybe you obtained it by cheating and that is none of my business.
The point is that now, I don't want to be the only centre of attention here,
I want us to flourish together, is that a selfish deed?
If still, you don't understand my meanings, maybe I'm such a fool for blinding my own eyes just to help clowns like you to be someone better in your life.
Remember, after this, I wont give you that chance anymore, some other people just deserve it better than you are.

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