Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who are you?

It has been a while, my poor DSLR remain untouched.
I almost forgot that I have one. Lolz.
Responsibilities call, Works knock, and when the words silence,
the music speaks. That is what happening to me these few days.
I love photography. I love to frame the perfect moment that I had with just anyone.
But then, there're a lot to learn before you can master it all,
photography is not just about the beautiful pictures that you took,
Personally I think, it is more towards the messages it conveys blending together with the stunning pictures you captured.
Well, there's nothing more I can say about it because most of you out there know better then me.

I used to love drawing too, and in fact I still do.
But the same story goes to my Skectch book.
Dusty and old, but memorable.
I've given most of my time and commitment to other people, things and works but I forgot to give it to myself.
I looked at the fluffy milky (hamster), she's like trying to speak to me. I don't seem to understand but it looks like "Let me tell you what you're missing...." well, somehow I wish they are humans.
In those confusing nights, I dreamt, I saw myself as someone being reckoned by the society. But does it really matter? I talked to myself, "Who are you?" and I can't answer this simple question. I'm scared. I stood at the balcony as usual, looking into the reflection of the moon inside the waste pond next to Familicious Kopitiam.
The moon is just like me, a shaking heart in the unsteady mirror, dissolves in the gentle illusion.

Simple question, but unanswerable...

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