Monday, September 13, 2010

~~~~Just for sharing~~~~

That pretty face, clinging on my chest,
Streams of tears were flowing from those beautiful eyes,
We kept silent for a long time, until,
Those fearful words finally burst from your angel lips.
After the warm hug,
You turned yourself away and gone in the hectic of morning Airport.
I faked a smile, saying goodbye, but deep inside, shattering into pieces.
I don't have the courage to ask,
The reasons of why you are leaving.
I've always wanted to say the 3 magical words to you but,
I never did.
Used to be so stubborn and never treated you like how it was supposed to be.

P/s: Tears are words from the achin' heart...

Blaming myself for not holding tight those hands when you're leaving,
Losing you make me come to realize that how important you are to me.
Regretting it is already too late,
All left is the unbroken aching heart.
Again, blaming myself for the unspoken love,
Wanted to tell you now but I can't find any better excuses anymore,
and every breathe that I take, is killing me softly...

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