Friday, April 8, 2011

Another guy...

There was one guy.
He was your lucky star, and he was your prince charming too.
That guy was your life.
You followed him like a shadow, loved him wholeheartedly.
You cried as you laughed when he was with you.
He was your angel and even devil too.
He made you his stooge and you knew,
but you kept silent.
Your heart was filled with scars and blisters.
And there were too many things in it,
that you can't even tell your best buddy.

And there is another guy,
He gazes at you from far away,
Whenever he takes one step closer,
You take 2 steps back.
He gives you smiles,
But he gets neglection.
He looks like a love beggar.
And you notice his desire,
But you turn away heartlessly.
He is a grumpy guy so he learns to be friendly.
And every weekends,
He sends you your favorite chocolates,
But will you love him back if he continues this way?

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