Friday, April 22, 2011

That Drowning Angel

The night is blinking his starry eyes.
It is too dark to depict the days after tomorrow.
A group of drowning people are screaming their lungs out,
Wishing on the lucky stars to save their lives.
Since when did she crawl in between these people?
She spills out her sadness, chanting her agonies.
But the tears are dissolving inside the sea of sorrow in which she's in right now.
Struggling, but it makes her to sink even deeper.
She wants to breathe, it's painful there.
Could it be much better if she can look forward future?
Even if she turns everything around to be her enemies,
It's already too late.
She thought that she is strong, stronger than anyone else,
But tonight, she's all alone and frightened by the things that she lacks of.
It started to rain, lulling her into a slumber that she'll never get awake again.

"Mom! Gina drowns the rabbit that you bought inside the bathtub with her other toys!"

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