Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flowers and Insect

"You're so mesmerizing,
colored with cunning orange, devilish red, snobbish yellow and deceiving purple.
Your smells are so attractive,
killing all the male bugs who fall into your stunning fragrance of death.
Your buds and petals are so pretty,
containing poisons that stop the loving heart from beating.
They said, be afraid.
You're a living monster, not as timid as you looked like.
They said, be aware.
You're a death angel, not as pure as white bride you may seemed."

Here come a post-morphed butterfly, astonishing patterns on his wings,
elegant tiny 6 legs he has, and unique long antennae on his forehead too.
Animal planet is totally reverse in human sense.
New to this treacherous world,
Little knowledge about life,
He stops on one of these beautiful flowers.
Drains the venomous sweet nectar.
Clings on the curly poison ivy.
Dances in the fatal spores.
Yet it's worth, according to him.
Slowly resting his wings on the petals,
closing his millions eyes in vain.

One more poor creature fall into their death grips,
Smiling away in the wind, they seek for another victim...

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