Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Electrocuted by Election

The momentum of SPR is shaking the state of Hornbill.
Raged fanatics of government and opposition parties alike,
Chanting their vows of winning security,
Roaring their pledges of loyalty,
Devastating the beautiful meaning of democracy.

And I,
Standing on the forked road,
Gazing as far as I could through the roads, until they bench.
They're equally promising, contributing to a better future.
There're two choices to be made,
Measure your greediness in a weighing scale,
or rise your covetousness in a red rocket,
Pick blue and they''ll say you're not dreaming high,
Pick red and they'll say you're not being equitable.

Oh dear,
Regardless of which side you're on and whoever your political idols are,
please be mature in terms of actions and languages.
Don't leak your childishness to the public.
You may not know, other people are being ashamed of you,
for having someone like you in the society,
we won't feel the word DEVELOPMENT in Sarawak.

p/s: Selamat Mengundi...

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