Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angel's cry.

The wind whispers,
"She's scared and lonely.
She always listens to her broken heart."
Please safe her, before she falls apart.
The mirror captures every moment when the eyes drizzle.
She can't fathom a broken relationship.
Blame it on her imperfect other half,
He's not always there for her,
Not because of he won't, but he can't.
Distance kills almost anything that try to contact with it.
She drowns herself in the tears of formalin,
while he drugs himself with the carcinogenic workloads and the anesthetic 'holiday'.
Some people said, goodbye is the best way to pronounce love.
A full stop means a new beginning.
One day, she'll forget this broken Angel,
She will,
Although it's already been years.

Cry, it works, believe me. But stop, once you're relieved.

Tried but can't.

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