Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last week~

Hello peeps,
Ah, long time didn't write in.
Kinda busy with my research project and at the same time, enjoyed.
Nothing particular to be shared about my astronaut life here,
just that, I really enjoy the studying ambience here.
J.F.Kennedy library, Pra Mong Disease and Parasite lab, Hatchery, Lan pedu, are my studying spots. I tried my best to communicate in Thai and I think I'm making something out of it.
What? A Thai girlfriend?
No, no time for that, I keep myself from falling in and out of love.
Make a distance.
Coz once you turn in, you'll never come back.
I grab tight my reason coming to this whole new world; FYP.
But seriously, your knees will shatter when you see one... Damn...
Forget it....

Last week Synopsis:

The central masjid of Pattani

Big C mall

Sai Khao waterfall national park

Catwalk Beach (ignore the belly part)

Actually, we already planned to go to another province (Hat Yai) next week, but then due to an unavoidable reason and the conflict aroused from previous trips, we postponed it to another 10 days and this time in a legal way, with Arjan Saweit's supervision. PSU feared and worried about our safety if we go alone.