Friday, January 8, 2010

Check these Agros

~New essence of life~

Its been a long time I haven't post anything in this blog. In this new year, I wish everyone of my friends a good life with new objectives. Remember that let gone be by gone. Dun put too much stress in your or you will end in regrets. During the holiday I learned a lot from my grands. It wasn't a bad holiday like I always mention before. I learned that the essence of living lies in our own palm. Just that we don't know or haven't relaize our own potential. Its true, life is a fight, we fight with pencils and papers instead of swords. To some extend, I as well learned that I really love nature so much. It motivates me and refresh my body. I hope that one day I can be a nature or environment protector in terms of rights and policy to protect them. Check it out...

Yang ni orang sarawak panggil buah kasai

Yang ini orang panggil buah tarap

Bunga Kantan @ Bunga kechala

Udang sungai, besar!

Anak ikan haruan bodoh (knapa la nama dia camni?)

Riping rambutans~ depan rumah je...

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