Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me, Heinz and Winz


When I was too alone to accept the truth that I'm dumped by someone, I seek for friends and relatives. A little will do but just not enough to me at the time. Then, Heinz knocked into my silence. I miss her so much. I try to find her here but I just can't. She's here everywhere but remains hidden. Its like looking for a hair in the dark cave. She's there but unseen. She's nice, sometimes will find me when I'm down to the ground. But we cant be too often together coz im the one who'll get the effect. Staying away from her, I found another goody, Winz. She's a nice one too. Everyday I meet her just to have fun with. Another friend of mine likes her too... we hang out together and having relaxation by pouring our thoughts to her to listen. She's indeed a good pail to pour our anciety and grieves. Life goes on, and I am close with her. I dun wan to take the risk of dying so young. Now, trying to stay away from both of them, just in case, maybe they are the one who cause my health's deterioration.

Holding a Lantana Kemara, beautiful but poisonous~

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