Monday, January 25, 2010

Essence of Malaysia

It wasnt a matter when we were young, I hope it doesn't matter now too...

Youth of Malaysia,
Raise your timid hands,
We need them,
Regardless of size and contributions they made,
Stand by me,
And we'll create a world of you and me...

Our difference is not the reason for our fight,
Our resemblance is not the reason to throw our sights,
Our weakness is not the cause of frights,
Our failure is not the cause of our sighs.

The rising star of our country is solely in our hands,
Decide and we can make it an elegant country to stand,

I'm not against you, and I hope you don't,
I love to be one,
Where we can stay together in the front...

Feel the aroma of love and Malaysian life,
Just like the Ketupat leaves, bending but not breaking,
Just like the Chapati, flatting but not tearing,
Just like the Dim Sum, wrapped virtue yet undisturbed.

I'll put your shoes on my feet,
I'll wear your clothes on me...

Think about it my fellow friends,
Respect the stars and the lonely moon in the sky,
Because we know,
They created our past, but we create our future...

Let it be a wonderful place for you and me,
A place we call home,
A place our children wanna be...

Give me your hand and we contributes together... Put aside our skin color, let our pure hearts, shine upon the good will, we'll success, not personnally but as one...

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