Monday, July 12, 2010

Dun Try to solve the world's problem

Life is not just eat, study and sleep.
Or even sit in the room, looking for virtual online friends.
Life is more about how we express ourself to the world.
What you do to the people around you is what you get back from them.
Some people will lie to save their ass. Or even kill to satisty their vengeful hunger.
But what's the real meaning of being alive?
Is it to have world's fortune?
To have the world's most beautiful wife?
The biggest house in the area?
or even the highest title in the community?
Some people already accomplished all their objectives above. But why are they still living their lives?
There are something about life and the world that we can't explain.
But only one thing about human that I understand is that,
We are not easily being satisfied, we eager for more,
Once we have better, we want the best,
once we have one, we want two and so on.
But then, until when all these whispering desires will ever stop to haunt us?
And today, I learned a simple answer for all these matters.
Which is, Don't try to solve the world's problem, because they will never be solved by only you.
I hope you get this meaning.

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