Thursday, July 22, 2010

-Color the world green again-

Animals are cute. Sometimes it depends on us to judge, for instance, a rabbit is a pest in Australia, a food for meat eaters and an adorable companion for kids.
No matter what, they depend on us to survive. We are the controller of the world which we all lived in.
Please save the world for a better future for the animals. If you don't care about them right now,
think about yourself. The world is a place we all call it a home.
Don't just because of your irresponsibilities, you kill these beautiful creatures.
This is life what we are talking about. They are innocent just like us when we were born.
I am maybe not a good person either, but please, lets raise your hand and hold my hand.
Promise me, we'll make the world green again one day.

Browse the pictures below, I think they can stop a war:

Lovable bunny~

Beautiful bantam~

Gorgeous betta~

Graceful silver catfish~

Adorable dutch~

If animals know how to share, be shameful if you don't

Elegant merbuk~

Innocent pigeon~

Cute buttsy~

Joyful tortoise~

P/s: These animals are reared in SBH's animal house in the agropark. Love them so much.


  1. Joe, kalau along nak arnab tu, macam mana? boleh ke post sampai ke kuala terengganu? Hehe.. serius! Bestnya ada sekelompok haiwan peliharaan yang cuuuuuuuuute!

  2. hahaha~ arnab2 ni memang cute~ I'll try but not sure kalau sempat, sbb belum mature lagi~ hehehe~ I practical another few months~ but i think arnab is a fast breeding animal~ :3

  3. Hehe.. betul jgk ek.. susah kalau haiwan yang cepat membiak ni.. Hmmm... sebab minta seekor anak arnab dari kawan, dia susah nak bagi. Maklumlah, 1st born..

    Mmg Joe betul2 pencinta haiwan! Tahniah!