Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tears of joy or misery?

This time, I wanna talk about marriage.
It is another crucial thing in life,
But marriage is not sumthing tat is simple,
it is a connection between two souls commit to each other,
love each other, ready to share part of their lives with each other.
some people getting married becoz they hav to,
not becoz they wanted to,
just to stop other people talking about them.
thisk kind of marriage wont last long.
it maybe sweet in the first place but then,
can be catastrophic when problems emerge.
You must be wondering,
what do I know about marriage?
becoz im not yet married that is.
Guess you're correct, the answer is nothing.
This is an opinion-based writing and not experience-based.
So regardless of wat my status, I'm free to give my thoughts okay?

P/s: Just becoz I'm nt the one for you, you hav to giv away all your life to someone else. You're rite, better be with someone who loves you although you dont love him rather than be with someone who you love but dont love you back. I love the way you lied to me. I just hope you're happy wif wat you do. From Joe to "J".....

People will usually overjoyed with the day they get married. The tears are usually flow of happiness not miserable. But if you get married just to get revenge for someone who accidentally hurt your feelings. Believe me, you'll hurt 3 person including the one you got married to.

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