Monday, July 19, 2010


Weakness, is our biggest enemy,
No matter what condition it is, we want to be stronger, we dun want to appear weak,
in front of other people.
This is one of the spirit embedded inside the heart of Malaysian.
Is it good?
I would say yes.
Most of the people fear their weakness to be shown especially in front of their competitors.
Scare of people will laugh at them,
it is a normal thing, we got embarassed when people make fun of our weakspot.
I'm oso one of the laugher, but then, it depends on the condition becoz a wrong timing will get you double trouble... It is a good thing actually, we burn his spirit, we ignite his passion.
Humiliation and shame that we get will actually make us more stronger in order to defend our face or other complicated name is 'pride'.
But wrong ways to defend our dignity will lead to wrong doings and frauds. We tend to make mistakes. We tend to hide our weakness but it shows more than it was before. This happens to many people around me and including myself also.
We want to look great in front of other people but we tend to show more of our weaknessess by making ourself more advance than who we really are,
Dun get it wrongly,
Dun be downgraded by your weakness,
No matter what you do,
trust yourself first, make evaluations, dun trust your one-sided mood,
ask your heart and your instinct,
Then choose and do the best decision in front of you.
You meet problems? Dun show your nervousness as people easily can detect it,
and they will have bad perspectives on you.
Be calm, relax.
You can do it. There is a solution to every problem.
Also, control your anger, becoz you will show your weakness here,
people will test your boiling point,
but then try to keep it high. Be patient that is.
Last, dun easily show sympathy.
This is another reason that will kill your strength.
People will tend to take advantage on you.
Be cruel to certain extend but show your empathy. As this is how you will maintain your relationship with others.
Dun ever trust easy outcomes,

These photos I upload just to recap back the memories of previous semester:

when you get your first job, you get excited, but then, you dunno how hectic the future is...

at night, you tend to eat more because this is the moment to keep 'full'

Biggest appreciation is given to this sweetest girl, she helped me a lot, if not for her, maybe I'm a dead meat at the moment... Thanks ya, Khirijha~
(Thats the leech treatment to beautify you skin, can get it for RM30 for 5 leeches, thanks to the supermodel up there...) THose interested can call me, or tell me here...

Tend to take katze's photo... they are cute but sometimes are over-cute which make me wanna slap them if they don't behave... 0.o

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