Tuesday, August 24, 2010

-The day when 20 become 21-

The morning was just like any other morning, just that I was late to class that day,
the reason is unexplainable, for every 2 minutes, I received a call from friend saying that lecturer is waiting for both of us to come...
all the students were waiting for me and a friend to have our 10 questions quiz. ( I dunno wat I answered).
After the class, I received a phone call from an outsider saying that he wants to see me at 2 o'clock, but the bus was full and I catched another one at 2.30 pm, so I have to cancel the appointment... :(
Then, People from SEC called to have other meeting with me at 3.00pm but I have to go to the lab because I promised Kak Ila & Dr Lee to do bacteria Iso, so I prostponed the appointment to 4.30pm. Done the lab, I went to SEC for the appointment. :3
At 5pm, I rushed to Agropark because I promised Rovin I'll transfer the fish back to their tank. In the animal house, the rabbits are trying to escape their way out by digging and I don't have the key to open it... waiting outside the rabbit house for someone to come with the key, I was full with rage already... tired and hungry (I forgot to take lunch... LOLZ).
After closing all the holes in the animal house, it is already 7.20 pm and I promised my Sarawakian friends to have Buka Puasa together. Bird-bathed and ran to the camp at the back of the hostel... I made it... We had LAKSA SARAWAK specially made by Ming & Eyla...
It was 8.20pm and I promised my group to have group discussion regarding the FILA table making... quickly ran to my room and change outfit then rushed to library...
at 10.30pm, after the discussion, a friend asked me to accompany her to buy things in 7 eleven.
It was 11.00pm and I'm on my way to my room when I saw Rovin and Tan. With an awkward way, they said there is a big lizard digging itself into the animal house at that time. I'm unconvinced because who the hell have the permission to go to the agropark at that hour... They called Khirija and she explained:
K :"Tadi ada seorang pak guard tu kata ada biawak masuk dalam rabbit houz..."
J:"Ye ke? (nada letih) mcm mana dia tau?"
K:"Dia baru balik dari kunci gate tu, so dia pergi la tgk agropark..."
J:"Pak guard tu xda kerja ke sampai bole pergi animal house dlm gelap... I xcaya la jaja..."
K:" Dia kan ada motosikal, mestilah dia boleh nampak..."
J:" Mcm mana dia bole tau kena contact u?"
K:" (nada cuak) oh... I bagi dia nombor HP I..."
J:" Ok, bagi I nombor telefon pak guard tu..."
K:" *terdiam*.... tiba2 line terputus....."
Rasa mcam dipermainkan, dah la masa tu kepala I pening sbb kena hantar proposal yg direject for the next day... tambah pulak budak2 yg sengal ni buat hal... I slammed the door and sit on my chair....
At this time, my gay roomate, Loi came and say, "Daniel, I'm hungry, lets go eat...?"
"Great, I'm angry and hungry... Let's go eat..."
We walked to CSC... then someone SMSed him asking where were we going,
at first I asked him to ignore but then, he replied the SMS without hesistation... Lolz....
Here came another s-hole to CSC, Tan, saying that I went to eat without him...
T:"Hey, you guys come without telling me... I'm so damn hungry you know... You wanna kill me or what?"
J:"Just now you said got things to do... and now hungry pulak...."
T:"Ye la... very hungry..."

The waitress came and ask, "What u want to eat ,Sir(versi yg dipolitekan)?
T:" Just take me air limau panas... that's all..."
J:" You said you damn hungry and blame me?!! what the @!$#$^!%@#!!!!!!!"

For a second I was thinking about myself, I looked around and felt a different atmosphere, a warm breeze, a sweet fragrance and a tranquilled ambience... and suddenly,
"~Happy birthday to you~ lalalalalallala~"
A group of SBH_3 monkeys came out of nowhere brought two cakes to celebrate my birthday in CSC!!!!!!
And the saddest thing was that, I forgot that it was my birthday that day and I never told anyone about it... These guys remember mine... seriously being touched and thrilled by it... I was speechless... In my heart, I can only say, thank you for making my life miserable earlier with the Biawak case... For one night, I'm being happy as a human being... Thanks guys....

daniello = daniel gello

SBH_3 n me~

kule2 cokelat~


  1. Hehe... semoga dengan peningkatan usia akan mematangkan Joe and hargailah sahabat yg menghargai anda..

    Selamat ulangtahun yg penuh surprise..