Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does it really matter?

The farm house was empty.
Nobody wants to live there because it was dirty and the lawn was full of grasses.
One day, a group of cattle came and lived there, they cleaned the grass but they just can't finish it by themselves. Then, a flock of sheep came and helped to clean the grass. But still, the grasses were too many for them. After that, a herd of goat came and helped. They managed to make the area a better place for living. The farm house became crowded with these ruminants and far better than it was before. However, the herd size of the other two ruminants was a little bit larger than the cattle's herd when combined. The cattle scared that they will lose their rights to own the place as the dominant group of the farm house. So they invited a group of duck and chicken to the house. The duck and the chicken were happy with the offer because they need a place to shelter from the treacherous environment. They fully supported the cattle and willing to do anything to help them. Now the cattle are happy, they are dominant with the support from the farm birds.

With their collaboration and hardworking together, the animals managed to make the farm house a beautiful place. This has made the other animals who lived in the jungle became jealous for what the farm animals did together. The jungle animals tried to poison the mindset of the cattle by saying that the farm house is supposed to be solely owned by the cattle since they were the first to came. Moreover, the house will not fit all the animals especially the goats and the sheeps since they are very fecund compared to the cattle. Undoutbly, they are just immigrants. The grass land will be depleted as well and there will be not enough food for the ruminants.

The cattle were remained silence. They didn't want to create chaos in the farm house since it is already a beautiful place to live right now. But in their heart, they keep thinking about what the jungle animals told them before. The other ruminants, goats and sheeps came to know about the secret meeting and the cattle's agendas, became very disappointed. After what they did together to build the farm house, they are still being treated as immigrants even though it is already more than 50 months they are together. But luckily, the farm birds are not affected, maybe because they are harmless and only go with the flow of the play. The harmonious ambience of the house shattered when one day, one of the cattle quarreled with one of the goats over a delicious green grass. The goat was trying to pick the grass and share it with the boastful bull leader when the bull involuntary said: "This is my place, we are the one who came first to this place, I'm free to do what I like and I don't share anything with small animal like you, if you don't like what I said, you can go back to the jungle and being native again." The goat was sad, heart-broken and wished it never came to that place in the first place. But what to do, it was helpless. The other animals were mad at the vain bull and he answered the same to them.

The farm house used to be very happening with laughters and cries now became cold and gloomy. The residents are there but being protective over their own rights of who is the first and who should be gone and so on and so forth... Now only left the farm birds, pecking on the ground and doing their own things, happy as usual and seemed to be not bothered by the foolish quarrel of the ruminants. For them, who cares about who came first to this place, the only thing matters here is that who made this place a better place to live. Is it the cattle? Is it the goats and the sheeps or Is it the farm birds? And the funny thing is that, everyone knows the answer for this question but they just blinded by their hunger of who being the best in the farm house.

Chickelicious family~

P/s: Think before you jump (duck), Think before you talk (human), you may think that you're a hero, but think about the consequences you made, maybe you get credits but the effects maybe self-destructing.


  1. Hmm.. the same thing happens to me when I was the 1st person who made a female hockey team for Institute.

    I gathered all the ex-school players from each batch and I organized the team with respect from the player.

    Year by year, my contribution for the team was fading away as there were many new players stepped in the team. They made their own routine without any participation from the old players and yeah, the story is same like the jungle animal and the cattle...

    Hehe. I felt shame with my behaviour at that time because it showed that I wasn't a professional player. But what done is done..

    The most importantly, (the lesson I learned):
    Kalau nak buat sesuatu perkara, hati perlu ikhlas dan redha. Jangan sekali2 mengungkit perkara yg kita dah buat. Dan jauhkan diri daripada orang yg ada hasad dengki dan jangan galakkan hasad dengki menguasai hati nurani..

    Haha~ sorry, i take lots of space at ur comment post.. :)

    Excellent story actually, there are many values lie within it..

  2. Its ok.. u can make an essay if u please... The fact is that, who is the owner and who is the penumpang is not a matter, the matter here is that, what we acheived together as a team... a better ending for both instead of thinking for only one side... regardless what we do, we usually think of our dominance over the others although sometimes they are better than us... :3

  3. Betul boleh buat esei??? Jeng2~

    Betul la tu.. Kita terlalu ego utk menegakkan "hak" kita tanpa pedulikan apa hasil yg kita dapat klu kita bekerjasama.... dan terlalu ego utk terima hakikat bahawa ada orang lebih baik dari kita..

  4. i like the word 'ego' :3 it sounds so me... :X

  5. hehe... is it? macam tak percaya je. sebab u seperti orang yg mudah berkongsi.. :)

    i pun ego. terlalu. dan tengah belajar utk turunkan ego..

  6. Ego is good and bad also. Becoz of it, I lost someone I treasured most... :X