Monday, August 2, 2010

The -BP-

When a fire melts an ice , the water from it will extinguish the fire back.

Controlling anger is not an easy thing to do,
Everyone have their own boiling point that shouldn't being reach,
for some people, anger can be a dormant volcano waiting to erupt when the time is right.
and worsen, when it erupts, the effect will be catastrophic and fearsome.
I am a dormant volcano as well.
but to certain extend, I manage to control my anger. I'm not saying that I'm fully succeed in this but eventually it works well. My biggest contributor to anger is the stress accumulation.
but for those whose anger is at its peak, releasing it is the best solution.

Promised to face all the problems no matter what, but when little disagreement emerges, all flee like the Serengeti stampede.

During this hectic week, I am bombarded with works and assignments that I have to finish, but until now, none is touched. It's not because I don't want to, but I don't have time to. Some people may think that I'm just creating excuses for self interest. I can still accept that because not all people are born to have a life like mine. I never expect other people to understand or even share this or even to feel sympathy.
For those out there who are born in rich family, I guess you are very lucky.Yes, you are very very lucky indeed. I wish I am you. Frankly I am telling you, my family is poor. My father is just an ex-army and my mother is the world most devoted housewife. They are willing to go through all the hardships just to educate me. They are scorned by other people because they are poor. Fear of seeing me having the same fortune, they sent me off to an unknown friend whom I called a foster sister when I was entering my secondary school. I learn to live that life is not always beautiful for everyone.
Maybe some other people are not ready to face difficulties in life because they are spoon-fed with luxury and love. Maybe their parents are rich and can afford every thing that they desired. They want a remote control car they can have a remote control car, they want a PSP and they get a PSP. For people that never taste the joy of these toys and love, they will know that life is not easy.
Since small, I am trained to feel loneliness and despicableness. I studied in Chinese school to learn their competencies and you expect nothing less from them, they are very 'kaizen', friendly, dedicated and the best is that, they know what they do. What I learned from them is just a simple thing that life can give, and I know very well why Chinese can strive very well compared to other races in Malaysia. The answer is very simple, they are positive-minded and never whine when hardship occurs.
After all the hardships that I faced when I was young, I am more matured right now I guess. I promised myself to be someone respected by the nation one day.

p/s: If you are living in your cocoon of spoon-feeding and day dreaming that you will have a good future without hard work, sorry to say, Malaysia will always be a backward country for having a parasite like you. And if this still happen in the future, I will kiss Malaysia goodbye, for I'm not letting any parasite to suck my sweats and blood that easily.


  1. Betul apa yg Joe luahkan tu. Serius, lepas baca entry ni, Along terus rasa nak berubah jadi orang yang rajin utk mencapai kesenangan hidup sendiri bukan lagi bergantung pada orang lain..

    Semoga dapat mencapai impian Joe!

  2. huhu~ good for you~ be a sincere teacher, teach the future generations with love and passion, dont spoon feed them too much~ hehehehe~

  3. Ye, mmg itu yang diajar sekarang. Jangan "suap" je budak2 sekarang... Along akan ingat apa yg Joe pesan tu :)

    *suka tulisan Joe sbb byk maksud tersirat!

  4. Betul Daniel.

    Aku suka artikel ni. Artikel 5 bintang.