Monday, August 9, 2010

Maybe one day you will understand...

It's been a while since the last entry,
nothing much I wanna share here,
just a few power words which any human will understand.
Works, oh... stop talking about it...
I wanna tell some crucial things which sometimes we feel it but remained unalert.

"There is a story about 3 cats in the breeder house"
The 3 cats live in a breeder house,
The three of them are different breeds and traits.
The first cat is worth RM5000.
wow! That's a big amount.
He can turn on and off the computer, typing some data and read.
The second cat is worth RM15,000.
He can write, he can use the computer too but with other advantages such as using cutting-edge programmes.
The third cat is worth RM30,000.
The buyers expected him to have far better abilities than the other two.
But this cat only knows how to shit, spray urine and spit saliva.
People seem to be wondering why the third cat is so expensive while his ability is only this...?
The answer is simple:
This is because the other 2 cats call the 3rd cat as their boss. What do you expect a boss can do, other than shitting on his workers' work and spilling out foul words to them.

"The moral of the story here is that, no matter how good we are than our boss, or how hard we work than our boss, in the end, the credits will be taken by our boss but not us... do you know that, Daniel? You need to learn that from now... or else later you will be dissapointed... regardless of who you working with, either the government or the NGOs... So what you learn from today's trip?"

"Yea, I know that, Sir. Thanks for opening my eyes to the real world... I learned that, LIFE IS NOT EASY...."

Both laughing..... the car arrived at UMK.... :3


  1. So, you rather to be the boss or the worker?

  2. be the boss, but the better one... :3

  3. you know what? I hate my boss right now! Haha! The boss is much alike the 3rd cat... Arghhh! I wish when I am the boss, I will not do the same thing like my boss.. Huhu~

  4. hahahaha~ dun be mad... tis is how a boss should react... they need to be cruel... if they are too good & nice, workers will 'pijak kepala' later...