Saturday, May 14, 2011

An astronaut's jotter

Astronaut Danno (changed his name due to the bad pronunciation of his name to da-nyiol by the inhabitants of T-land), is making his voice recordings:

"In less than 48 hours,
A space shuttle will depart from K-land to another extraterrestrial land.
For this expedition, I will be accompanied by 3 other astronauts with different education backgrounds and 2 researchers, whom are mentors to us.
We'll conduct some researches on similarities between our land and the extraterrestrial land.
The inhabitants there are believed to speak in an ancient dialects which we would never understand unless we try to master it there.
This mutual-benefit program is to ensure the co-existence between inhabitants of two different lands is not breached.
By understanding each other, we'll see a brighter future together.
We were told that once we arrived there, we need to clap our eyeballs on the surroundings.
It is believed that good inhabitants are many but bad ones are myriad too.
The expedition will last for at least 3 months and if we succeeded in finding the key to the unanswerable questions, we'll be the legend."

Astronaut Danno, 9.55PM 14 MAY 2011. Pre-expedition jotting.

Stay tuned for the Adventure of Astronaut Danno and his friends in,
The magical of T-land.

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