Sunday, May 15, 2011

Words Unspoken...

"Small briefing was done this afternoon and all the astronauts are required to be on set sharp at o945, on 16 MAY 2011, assemble at gate of galaxy.
All that we can do is to pray for our safety during the trip.
We can never expect what the extraterrestrials can do to us but we believe, "Vigilance" is the word best to describe our situation.
We are expected to depart from K-land using 8-seated space shuttle and transit at a land called Tak Bai using a water shuttle to go across the asteroid river.
At the other side, the T-land inhabitants will fetch us before continuing the journey to their HQ at P.C.P.S.U. The journey altogether needs at least 4-5 time wizards.
The astronauts are currently having mental block, an inability to continue a train of thoughts. And I, Astronaut Danno, who is currently speaking on this virtual recordings is facing the worst of the worst fear ever as well; The inability to understand the upcoming circumstances and maximum mind-power utilization, creating a hidden shadow in my thoughts.
However, until the day comes, we know, we are ready for the adventurous expedition."

Astronaut Danno, 5.16PM 15 MAY 2011, Pre-expedition jotting.