Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anode and Cathode

Currently at the place, where I say "Hello" and they say "Sa-wa-dee".
Far from home, as usual.
I get the chance to assimilate my knowledge with people here.
Maybe most of them would never understand English, but it's a fresh start to improve my extrovert ability by making a number of foreign friends. Or maybe foreign is not the word, since they are, in fact, very kind and well-mannered as compared to us, Malaysians.
As it's almost a half of fortnight I'm here,
I can see the differences of us Malaysians and them.
We are indeed tremendously spoon-fed by our education system in which we are lacking of practical abilities and self-motivation trigger.
We're totally forget about what we learned after every class and neither do us would dare to scrap off some of our precious time to revise about what we learned until the judgment day, Exam, is near. Last minute studying is our worst enemy in education.
Unlikely, students in Thailand would spent almost 70% of their time on their works and studies. The class would start at 9.00am and they already in the room an hour earlier, readied and prepared. The class would finish at 4.30pm but they'll stay as late as 10.00pm.
If you ask me, nope, they're not bookworms, they're not geeks or even nerds,
to me, they are very special and extraordinary in their own ways.
Although I'm kinda struggling very hard to understand my work scripts, but language barrier is not the reason. As I'm maybe an oddball in the family, but still, they treated me warm-heartedly, like a precious long known friend. And it is very inviting.
After watching our prime media, you would say, it's dangerous to come here,
the crisis of red and dilemma of yellow,
you can lost your head anytime.
I think that is just an uncivilized thinking of never-think-positive-way people.
You would never know that unless you're here.
Believing this kind of stereotype making you no less than any arrogant people who think of themselves as the king of social strata in which you're no more than just a mere human being who also take food to survive.
As saying goes, there's no place like home,
but this place is fascinating and you can make it a second home.

Astronaut Danno. PSU. 2011

See the bright sight of it!
Urgh, I just damn love watching the birds.

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