Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thanks, My Educator.

Happy teacher's day to all who educated me,past, now and then.
Flashing memories come to me as I think of my teachers,
and these are the things that I remembered:

Primary School:
Mdm Lee, English & Music Teacher - I just can't forget her menacing 3cm-wide-15cm-long-wooden-chair punishment tool. And I'm one of those who almost taste it everyday. Aww...

Mdm Ling Feng Lin, Science & Mandarin Teacher - She sent me to kneel in front of principals office with 3 other not hardworking guys until we finish our homework which seems to be unfinished, as saying goes, gossiping outside the fence, but this time outside principal's office. She also did ask me to clean the toilet but luckily got thoughtful cleaning contractor aunts who helped.

Mdm Tan Mei Dan, Mandarin Teacher - She punished the whole class standing for the rest of the day due to someone wrote "我们用了九牛二虎之力把zhen美丹的内衣拔出来". (Trans: We used our tremendous effort to pull out Mdm Tan's bra.)

and many more...

Secondary school:
Mdm Rebecca Su, KH Teacher - She encouraged me to read more mandarin books due to my poor results. Haiz...

Mdm 500, Math & Discipline Teacher - Aww, this one made my life changed from good to evil. I was a "golden-tag" prefect until she came and cause me a pain in the ass. I was too I go against her and do wrongs instead of goods. The other prefect friends said wanna go the rebellious path like mine and I did say "don't do it". Aww...

Ms Wong He Heng, Geography Teacher - She's like a mother to us and she help me to apply for extra money.

Cikgu Mohd, P.Moral & BM Teacher - First time I ever heard kelantanese slang and we don't understand that time. As time pass by, he speaks any slang right now.

Cikgu Nurul Huda, BM & Pengajian AM (after spm program) Teacher - She's good, dedicated. Her good recipe is the tomato rice during Hari Raya. Always told me that I need to improve my BM because it's worsen according to her.

Mr Siong, Physic Teacher - The most feared ever, Silencer with great ulti - silence. We can feel his aura, hahahaha~ His comes out with his own theory in Physic, Hukum Siong: Tak Tau, Biarkan. And it worked in my SPM.

Mdm Dia, Math Teacher - The adorable teacher who also dedicates her life to her students. Her class - Brain damage. And She'll say :" Haiyo... 都是老师的错..." (Trans: All the blame is on the teacher.)

and so on....

Ms Dahlia (x ingat nama), Biology teacher: She's like a mother to our class. She scolded me for getting an A- in maths during first sem trials. Wait, she teaches biology right? And in the class, I'll be the target for tough questions... Haiz...

Encik Hashim, Math Teacher: His petua, 4-5pm sleep. 8-10pm study sampai mampus.

Ms Chubby, MUET Teacher: Laughing all the way during our class made a drama which was damn funny! I was the naughty husband who flirts with the nurse and any female in contact. Hahaha~

ahhh... I forgot some of the names already...

Oh, this one better keep it unveiled after I graduate first or... Hahaha~
All the lecturers who teach me in UMK are best. (bodek2 sikit...)

And for that, I wish all who educated me yesterday, today and tomorrow a HAPPY TEACHER DAY.

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