Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Now at this time, 1 June annually, is Iban tribe's merry making moment.
Friends and families will gather at Rumah Panjai,
a Long House that brings the tradition alive.
At this time, no age boundary is limited to the joy of Hari Gawai.
Ngajat performance, Kumang or beauty queen election are held duirng this merry making period.
Nevertheless, Ngirup Ai Pengayu or drinking tradition will be done sharp at 12.oo AM of the 1st of June. This is to bless the celebrators for having long lasting fortune and more to come in the future. Ngabang or pay relatives a visit will be done once the dawn has emerged.

Some of Malaysians, are still ignorant about what is Hari Gawai and may even think that Sarawakians are still living in the trees. That's a cheap stereotype to be made by some people. So get out of your comfort zone and come to Sarawak for a visit especially during this season. You'll be amazed by what is the meaning of harmony and diversified culture. This celebration is celebrated by almost all indigenous people in Sarawak, just that they call it different names or may even fall on different days but still in the range of this month.

To my beloved family,
My deepest apologize for unable to be there to celebrate with you.
This is my second or third outstation Gawai celebration.
This is an obliged sacrifice that I need to make in my life,
I promise I'll make it sweeter next time I celebrate it with all of you.
Have fun meeting everyone. Send my Pattani regards to all.
Miss me as much as I miss all of you.
Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai,
Pengidup Likun Lantang Senang.
~With Love Noar@Waar@Daniel~

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