Sunday, March 28, 2010

A family man or A company man

As we all grown up,
our first priority in life will be money and status,
to young people like me and some of you,
we wanna be someone better,
grab a good job, working with a big foreign company,
having a handsome high pay...
it is normal guys...
we wanna proof to all those who are looking down at us that we are not that weak,
we are better than what they think,
some will think this is ego, vengeful and desperate
no it is not...
This is what living is for,
we seek for perfection,
sometimes to we have to sacrifice all we have,
money, friends, family, love, happiness and our own life...

Let say that one day,
you are the GD of a big company,
u have status, money, everything and anything.
And you have a devoted wife and a 5 years old toddler...
morning before your wife awake, you are in office already,
at night you're home and she's sleeping...
She calls but you hanged coz still in a meeting...
One day you and her planned to go for a vacation and everything prepared,
the night before, your CEO call and asking you too see him in the Airport,
so you have to cancel all the one-month-planned vacation.
you think your wife will be happy?
you think your kid will know what to call you?
Yep, u got all the money and all the luxury to satisfy their physical needs,
but do you really satisfy their needs as a husband and father?
well, who am I to fight with success, right?
The only thing is that, I admire ur success in profession but not in humanity...
I promised I wanna be a GD like you, but not a worse father and husband like you...
Maybe Im still studying and lots to learn for that,
But when the time come, I'll be ready to be better than you...

Success is made up of all great minds, different perspectives but same goal

Dont use the word "I" in a big event

Use "WE" instead, believe me, the success will be merrier and sweeter...

P/s : To all my frenz (boys and girls), just a reminder, if u wana have a great life, start it with humanity... The choice is in your hand... A family man or A company man...

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