Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fix me... please...

All these time I think that I can fix everything,
yea, I fixed it and it turns out to be better.
But, I've approached a friend,
He seems to be out of the trail.
I learned his way,
I learned his thoughts,
trying to put myself in his suit,
I knw the broken part of his.
I fixed it and I thought I can make him better.
Yes, indeed he turns out to be someone acceptable by other pp,
Im surprised,
In the change, he changed from head to toe,
from a dear friend becomes an acquaintance,
sad but thats the risk that u need to take,
once u fixed a broken watch,
the watch will move again,
but the tik-tok will be different.
In this grieve, Im delighted,
He's now starting to move in the rite path,
knowing what he wants,
rather than becoming a souless body...
Im afraid to loose a friend,
but if that what it takes to make him a better person,
so be it... :3

The soft drink and the sea water, they are liquid, but they taste different,
if you want to know what component inside them,
first you must try to taste them, because we can't assume that they are the same.

**P/s: sometimes it is better to let the time to fix someone... It works better than we push too hard for him/her to change... Especially a heart-broken person...

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