Monday, March 15, 2010

This is life...

Ada org kata:
Yesterday was a history,
Today is a story,
Tomorrow is a mistery...

Tapi bagi aku:
Yesterday was a tragedy,
Today is an agony,
Tomorrow will be a misery...
For now, thats what I feel... maybe it'll change one day...

I love a segment of thoughts I get from a TV series, It says:
For every being cursed with self-awareness,
There remains the unanswerable question,
Who am I?
We struggle to find meaningful connection to one another,
We are a caring friend,
The loving father,
The doting mother,
The protected child,
We fight and we love,
In the hope that somehow,
We can understand our significance in the universe,
But in the end,
No one can share our burden,
Each of us alone must answer the question,
Who am I?
What does it mean to be alive?
And in the vast infinity of time,
How do I matter?

Bila difikirkan balik,
setiap perkara pasti ada sebabnya,
Kadang-kadang kita rasa kita malang,
Kita rasa kita sial...
Nasib kita sebenarnya terlalu baik,
cuma kita x reti nak hargainya...
Bayangkan lah,

Bila kita terlalu banyak kerja utk dibuat,
Kita terlupa yg ramai lagi di luar sana yg mnganggur,
Bila kita terpaksa belajar lebih masa,
Kita terlupa diluar sana ramai x bpluang nak teruskan pelajaran,
Bila kita pesan mee goreng, x sedap dan kita buang,
Kita terlupa yang budak2 di Bosnia kelaparan,
Bila kita dapat peti sejuk sebagai hadiah,
Kita terlupa yg ramai lagi yg x merasai nikmatnya perkakas elektrik.

Tapi kenapa?
Tahap apakah baru boleh nak kita rasa puas dgn apa yg kita ada?
Sampai bilakah?
Masih mencari...
Dan jawapannya, cuma kita sendiri yg bole nak jawab.

For some of you, you faced my agony,
I'm sorry to push it to you,
I know it's not your burden to share,
You have the rights to hate and dislike me,
But I don't have any other choices,
It's a necessary evil...