Monday, March 1, 2010

Never been so disapointed...

when the "thing" is happening under your own nose,
u hav only two choices to make,
1) Let it be, keep like nothing happened
2) Do something more initiative (in terms of good deeds)
Honestly, I prefer to keep a clean hand.

Desperate, yet irrational decisions made by certain people.
really get into the nerves, but yet better to let it be,
because we are all grown up and know,
what is good and what is bad,

Disapointingly, if we care about and idolize the person,
we always thought that he/she is doing the right things,
but doing immoral things for the sake of self esteem,
it doesnt seem to be a heaven's path to me.
The blame maybe not on the people,
but maybe or just maybe on the system it self.

If u think that shortcut is your way to the top,
then sorry,
u lost my trust and respect,
No longer be someone in my idol ranking,
but maybe time will tell, whether I can trust/respect u anymore or not...
This is fun but feel the seriousness it caused... it is menacing...